Why Use Type-to-Find?

Type-to-Find is a simple way to navigate within results. This method can be used within any List Pane.

How to use Type-to-Find

When in a List Pane, users can simply start typing to use Type-to-Find. In this example, within some search results, the user typed “a” and was immediately routed to the first record containing the letter “a” in the first column of information. This method of navigating search results only works on the first column of data (in this case: Record Number). To use Type-to-Find on a different column, the columns will need to be rearranged.

The Benefits

Utilizing the Type-to-Find method to jump to records containing certain letters, numbers, or phrases can be useful when numerous records are returned within a search. It is also beneficial to use this method when searching within Locations, as it allows the user to jump directly to the location (or person) needed.