Rearranging Columns

Rearranging columns, especially for search results, can help you see the needed information pertaining to the records being searched. Rearranging columns can also enable you to use Type-to-Find on different data sets within the results. 

Note: Type-to-Find only works on the first column displayed.

Dragging to Rearrange Columns

You can change the order of the columns in a view pane by dragging. To do this, simply click and hold on the column header. While still holding down the mouse button, drag the column where it needs to be displayed. 

Rearranging Using Customize View Pane

You can also customize or rearrange columns within the Customize View Pane dialog. To open the Customize View Pane dialog, either click the View tab, then Format Columns on the navigation ribbon, or…

Right-click on any of the column headers and choose Format Columns

Within Column Preferences, you will see two columns, Available Columns and Displayed Columns. The Available Columns show every option you can add to the current results. The Displayed Columns show every option currently being displayed. 

New columns can be added by selecting them from the list of Available Columns on the left and clicking the Add button in the center. (Columns can also be removed by selecting them on the right and clicking the Remove button.)

Displayed columns can be reordered within Column Preferences. To reorder the displayed columns, highlight the item and use the Up and Down buttons to change the order.