Submitting a ticket is easy with Online Assist, and you don't even need to be logged in to do it! 

To submit a ticket, follow these instructions:

1. Click Submit a Ticket from the main support page or any other page (this link can always be found at the bottom of any page), or...

... click New Support Ticket, located at the top of every page except the main page.

2. Fill out all the information on the form and click SUBMIT.

Once you have submitted a ticket, you will receive a confirmation email. Within the confirmation email is a link to your ticket. Should you need to add more information, upload a screenshot, or just check on the overall status, click that link to be taken directly to your ticket without signing in to the Online Assist portal. 

NOTE: To see a full list of all tickets you have created (open, pending, closed, etc.), you must log in to the Online Assist portal.