Why Use Favorite Records?

Favorites allow for quick and easy access to documents or folders used often. Rather than performing a search, simply navigate to Favorites and click on a saved search. 

Saving Favorite Records

To do this, conduct your search as usual. Highlight the folder (or document) and right-click. A menu will pop up. Scroll down and mouse over Send To then click Favorites.

Once this is done, the folder or document will show up in your Favorites, which can be found under Favorites in the Shortcuts bar.


Removing Favorite Records

Removing items from Favorites is also important, as having too many Favorites can make it less useful. 

To remove a folder or document from your Favorites, simply reverse the process. 

Right-click on the folder or document, the menu will pop up. Scroll to the bottom, mouse over Remove From, then choose Favorites.

Once this is complete, the item will no longer show up in your Favorites.